Variety Box - 10 flavours. 100% natural.

  • Energy Boost
  • Fibre Rich
  • Fruit Punch
  • Hunger Buster
  • Nutrient Hero
  • Protein Kick

Variety Box – 10 flavours. 100% natural.

£5.99 every once


£5.99 every once for a multipack of 10 (0.60p per snack)

Super Power Up:

Raspberry Fingers: Our Raspberry Fingers are 1 of your child’s 5 a day and the most loved snack on our entire menu! We’re not surprised – these 100% fruit chews have a rich, sweet and fruity taste, but what really adds to the magic are tiny little raspberry seeds that add a bite to the flavoursome fingers. Strawberry Hearts: Strawberries are the royally red power-bombs everyone loves! Our delightfully easy-to-eat Strawberry Chews are 1 of your child’s 5 a day, 100% fruit and taste summery, fruity, wild and fresh. Made of pure fruit, they sure do hit the sweet-spot but without that sugar rush! Vanilla Biccies: We created these scrumptious, crunchy vanilla and spelt biscuits, with two aims: great taste and great nutrition. We are proud to say we succeeded in both - our Vanilla Biccies are super healthy and taste wonderfully vanillary! They are the ideal snack to keep stashed in your handbag ready for when your kid’s hunger attack hits! Melon Fingers: Our 100% fruit, sweet and smooth melon chews are 1 of your child’s 5 a day and exploding with flavour! They taste fruity, juicy, summery, cool, sweet, fresh and sunny at the same time. Whether we are in the middle of summer or you are wishing summer back, our Melon Fingers will always add that extra bit of sunshine to your life. Mango Fingers: We all know how sweet and juicy mangoes are - they taste like holiday. If you are out and about, cutting up a fresh mango just isn’t an option, so be sure to keep our Mango Fingers handy to satisfy your child’s sweet, fruity craving on the go – plus their 100% fruit and 1 of your child’s 5 a day! Cocoa Banana Flapjack: For our Cocoa Banana Flapjack, we use puffed whole grain oats. They make a brilliant snack for kids because they’re soft and chewy, healthy and full of good energy. Dried banana and cocoa make this flapjack an all-time favourite with our taste crew. Cola Raisins: Not just your typical raisin, these are ChewyMoon raisins! By adding 100% natural cola flavour they suddenly taste fun, exciting, surprising and delicious! We love the fact we can have this indulgent flavour in a snack collection. Raisins are a healthy, tasty, fibre-rich snack and count towards your kid’s five a day. Popped Cheddar: Our popped cheddar cheese balls are real cheese! Nothing added, nothing taken away, just cheese, air popped for the ultimate crunch. If your kids like cheese, they will LOVE our popped cheese balls! Cashews and Peas: These rustic, bite-sized snacks are full of 100% natural goodness, and they even count towards your child’s 5 a day. We highly recommend popping Cashews and Peas into your bag for that much-needed delicious energy boost when your kids get the munchies! Carrot Orange Wedges: Orange power snacks! We thought, why not mix the most orange fruit with the most orange vegetable. Sweet carrots blended with zingy orange make a perfect match in this refreshing, flavourful power snack.

Nutrition Information (Per snack of 22g)

  • kJ
  • - of which sugars
  • kcal
  • Fibre
  • Fat
  • Protein
  • - of which saturates
  • Salt
  • Carbohydrate


Raspberry Fingers

The raspberry is a powerhouse of taste and innumerable health benefits. The combination of antioxidants like Vitamin C, Vitamin A and phenols in raspberries boost the immune system and help keep kids healthy. That’s why we packed our Raspberry Fingers with these natural power ups.

Strawberry Hearts

Not only are these gorgeous berries juicy, summery and delicious, they’re a bona fide superfood, too. They’re great for boosting the immune system and heart health.

Vanilla Biccies

Vanilla is one of the most popular spices in the whole wide world. This flavour enhancer is full of antioxidants that benefit digestion. We jumped on the bandwagon and created these scrumptious fibre-rich vanilla and spelt biscuits.

Melon Fingers

We use Turkish honey melon, which is naturally sweet, bursting with flavour and high in Vitamin C. This fresh fruit is a great thirst quencher due to its high water content, which makes it a summer favourite for many active families!

Mango Fingers

Mangoes contain an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that assure your optimum health. Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, calcium, manganese, magnesium and iron, mangoes can improve vision, promote digestion, boost memory and enhance skin health.

Cocoa Banana Flapjack

Bananas contain plenty of potassium, making them a natural energy booster. Therefore, our yellow fellows are a popular exercise snack and great when brain power is needed.

Cola Raisins

Raisins pack more nutrition than their small size might indicate. When grapes are dehydrated to produce raisins, the nutrients become more concentrated, making a handful of raisins a snack rich in B vitamins, iron and potassium.

Popped Cheddar

Our real cheese crunchy snacks are baked not fried, so unlike most savoury snacks on the market they contain absolutely zero oil and zero nasties! A rich source of protein and calcium, essential nutrients for bone growth. Cheese also has vitamin B12, an important contributor to a healthy nervous system.

Cashews and Peas

Nutrient-packed, green peas are a great source of fibre, vitamins K, C, and B, as well as folate and potassium, while cashews are powered with protein. These ingredients may be little, but they sure provide big nutrition!

Carrot Orange Wedges

All orange fruits and vegetables, are packed with beta-carotene, which our bodies covert to vitamin A. This is a very important vitamin, which can help prevent eye problems, promote a healthy immune system and is essential for the growth and development of cells.

“Children love Chewymoon because we're all about making nutritious snacks engaging and fun. We do this through a combination of nutrition, taste, colours, shapes, textures and of course games. We make healthy eating fun for the little ones.”


Verena Klanner

Nutritionist and Co-Founder