Fun Pack


Guess what? Not only do you get a bunch of super-tasty
snacks with every box, but we’ve chucked in a fun pack too!
Take a peek at what’s inside.

Cool Comic

Each week there’s a new edition of
‘ChewyMoon Adventures’, a crazy
comic strip all about us guys!
I think it’s hilarious… especially my
character – she’s the funniest, if I may
say so myself!

Stackable Totem Toy

There’s a lovely toy you can
pop out and construct –
once you’ve got two or
more you can stack them
on top of each other!
I couldn’t possibly pick my
favourite one – they’re all
just so adorable!

Brain-busting Fact Card

Plus, you’ll receive a card
of fascinating facts to get
that grey matter working.
You’ve got loads of topics to
learn about – soon you’ll
be a clever cat like me!