Chewy Chatter

  • Halloween is in full-swing, and while kids love dressing up and roaming from house to house to collect sweet treats, parents dread the thought of mountains of candy and the tremendous amount of sugar kids consume during this time. You might be surprised to hear that Halloween is actually a great time of year to […]

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  • Kitchen skills – get your kids involved

    by Verena Verena 2018-10-10

    Kids who learn how to cook tend to eat healthier foods and they’re learning a life skill that’s incredibly important. They learn that cooking a meal is a process and can take time, which helps them to appreciate what they eat. Also, involving your kids in the kitchen can help with picky eating, as kids […]

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  • What we can learn from our kids

    by Verena Verena 2018-10-02

    Sure enough, we try to teach our kids about healthy food choices and help them build good habits early on, but did you ever think about what you can learn from your own kids? When it comes to intuitive eating, healthy habits and general wellbeing, there is a lot we can learn from our little […]

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