Chewy Chatter

  • What we can learn from our kids

    by Verena 2018-10-02

    Sure enough, we try to teach our kids about healthy food choices and help them build good habits early on, but did you ever think about what you can learn from your own kids? When it comes to intuitive eating, healthy habits and general wellbeing, there is a lot we can learn from our little […]

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  • Body Positivity

    by Verena 2018-09-25

    How do you help your kids develop a positive body image? How do you help them grow confident, appreciating their bodies and seeing past other people’s body images, when society is doing everything to ensure otherwise? Kids’ views about body images are influenced from a very young age. Their Barbie dolls, the films they are […]

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  • Eating Like a Scientist

    by Verena 2018-09-20

    In last week’s blog, I talked about mindful eating and about helping your kids pay more attention to what their bodies are telling them. This I want to draw closer attention to WHAT we eat and HOW we eat. In our busy lives, all too often, kids are eating without paying much attention. On the […]

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