Chewy Chatter

  • Sugar Awareness

    by Verena 2018-11-16

    Hooray, it’s #sugarawarenessweek and everyone is telling us how bad sugar is-so I don’t want to write another post about cutting it out. Yes, sugar is in a lot of foods and sometimes it might seem like your kids are constantly surrounded by sweets. At the bank, the dry cleaners, the doctors, birthday parties, school […]

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  • Raising Kids on a Vegan Diet

    by Verena 2018-11-09

    In light of World Vegan Month, I am answering the 10 most commonly asked questions about raising kids on a vegan diet. What does it mean to be vegan? Vegans don’t consume animal products, this includes meat, fish, dairy products, eggs and honey. Is it possible to raise kids on a vegan diet? A child […]

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  • 1. Let your kids eat it! In this blog post, I don’t want to give you alternative ideas on how to trick your kids into eating less Halloween sweets. If you are after some general tips on how to curb your kids’ sugar intake during Halloween and how to equip your kids with the right […]

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