Chewy Chatter

  • Bedtime snacks for sleepy, hungry kids

    by Verena Verena 2017-10-24

    A few hours have passed since your child has eaten and they are hungry, but not too hungry. They ned a snack, but not a snack that will keep them up all night blasting out nursery rhymes, we have found some bedtime snacks to help you little ones feel content right before beddy byes. A […]

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  • Healthy snacks are for younger kids, right?

    by Verena Verena 2017-10-20

    Not exactly. Older children, preteens and teens are becoming more adventurous with food and their taste buds are growing as fast as they are, I still remember vividly when I was growing up, mum taking me shopping and kept saying “I don’t like that anymore.” With the rise of obesity, instilling an understanding of healthy […]

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  • Toddlers from 12-18 months can start joining in family meals. Pureed meals become chunkier and the little ones explore all kinds of new textures. Simultaneously, snack foods are become more exciting in shape, texture and flavor. Typical snacks are cut up fruit, bread sticks and puffs, which are chewed, sucked and moved with their tongue […]

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