Chewy Chatter

  • Dining with the Tortoise and the Hare

    by Verena Verena 2019-04-09

    Slow Eaters, Distracted Eaters, and Paces in Between   In a previous Nutrition Bites video, we discussed division of responsibility at mealtimes. That is: what is a parent responsible for in terms of providing a meal and setting boundaries, and what should the child control. In some of our discussions, we heard some additional questions […]

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  • Talking politics with your kids

    by Verena Verena 2019-04-04

    Politics? That’s child’s play. How to talk about difficult subjects like politics with your children. Every parent wants their child to be safe and happy. But sometimes, in the world we live in, that simple goal feels like an impossible challenge. Everywhere you look, politics are impacting the lives of everyone — and children are […]

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  • Reviewing Let Them Eat Dirt: Saving Your Child from an Oversanitized World by Brett Finlay and Marie-Claire Arrieta ChewyMoon fuels young superheroes with healthy, natural foods. But we also know that nutrition is just a part of the bigger-picture parenting discussions and healthy development of growing kids. So how else do superpowers grow? Here’s a […]

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