Chewy Chatter

  • Christmas stockings are special whether by the fireplace, under the Christmas tree or resting on the bed. The mystery of Father Christmas filling each child’s and adult’s stocking is simply magnificent! From Azerbaijan to Australia to Wales, Father Christmas seems to squeeze his way into the chimneys worldwide to fill stockings with various goodies. So, […]

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  • Nothing leads to Christmas quite like that of Christmas advent calendars, arriving to your home with a whole variety of emotions. The sheer excitement of getting out of bed, so you can run downstairs to open your first window, the absolute panic/hardship of not finding the current day’s window, the annoyance of the designers forgetting […]

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  • Whether you are a full-time working or a home-making Mummy or Daddy, you are constantly busy. Meeting with clients, or completing the never-ending list of household tasks, you sometimes watch with amazement at the parents who still have time to do all that plus make healthy meal and snacks for their kids. Do they have […]

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