Chewy Chatter

  • Ugly Christmas Jumpers

    by Verena 2017-12-15

    Should ChewyMoon expand and start producing ridiculous festive jumpers? Probably not… but here’s what they would look like if we went ahead with it: Santa had a long trip that night! It’s okay, you can actually eat the yellow fantasti-snow! This one’s a bit cheesy! We all love seeing a good Dad Dance! Christmas is […]

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  • In the craziness and stressfulness of the Christmas, we have to take time to reflect and think about the beautiful experiences Christmas time can bring! We have compiled a list of ten positive affirmations to say and meditate on throughout the ten days leading up to Christmas Eve. 1. I will have child-like energy throughout […]

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  • Dear Santa…

    by Verena 2017-12-11

    Dear Santa, We at ChewyMoon are very thankful for the wonderful customers you have provided! See, you were listening to us last year. We have tried our very best at ChewyMoon to stay on your nice list. Well, Téo Moon (our beloved pug) has been rather cheeky, when we asked who chewed the staff sofa, […]

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