Chewy Chatter

  • At last, a family pow wow on fitness and healthy eating! Having a good, truthful, soul-search and a deep look at yourselves, you happier, healthier individuals. The first plan of action is to organise fun activities on the weekends to motivate yourselves physically and spiritually. Hiking came up as a highly consensual form of movement […]

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  • New Year’s Eve with Kids

    by Verena 2017-12-29

    There are countless blogs detailing how to create the best New Year’s Eve party – What drinks to have, what music to play, what to wear. We will tell you good ways of including your kids into the fun as well! Probably the only time when you will let your children be awake past midnight! […]

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  • Holiday Storage

    by Verena 2017-12-27

    This blog will help parents with new present management post-Christmas – in other words, ‘storage’! Christmas has come and gone. Carols – sang, presents – opened and turkey – eaten. Various presents that were nicely wrapped underneath the tree are now open and scattered in different rooms. A tablet on the counter, a new book […]

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