Chewy Chatter

  • Yay, it’s Pancake Day!

    by Verena 2018-02-13

    Saturday morning breakfast time arrives with great anticipation in our houses as it’s the weekend, which can only signify goodbye to the boring, weekly bowl of cereal or slice of toast and hello to a nice, big plate of pancakes. If you’re really lucky there may be a side order of either bacon or sausages […]

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  • Easy snacks for the parent-taxi

    by Verena 2018-02-07

    A lot of parents can relate to the struggle of getting their child organised and on time during the morning rush, sometimes tasks like getting dressed and even getting out of bed take slightly longer than usual. For days like those, a snack on the go will come in very handy before they reach the […]

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  • People have a lot of different snacks at home to suit their own liking, one in particular that sounds mouth-watering is spreading peanut butter on a wrap and having a whole banana in the middle, then wrapping it up and eventually cut it in slices like sushi. Another more common household snack is a tasty […]

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