Chewy Chatter

  • Why We’re Supporting Jamie Oliver

    by Verena Verena 2018-05-11

    We’d support Jamie Oliver if he ran for prime minister. Imagine it now; “BREAKING: Jamie Oliver declared Prime Minister” – The flashes of paparazzi, the roaring sounds of reporters and the taste of victory in the air. If Jamie swapped his aprons for dapper suits and his prepping tables for podiums we bet he’d still […]

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  • Typical images that come to mind when people think of children cooking are those that have children whacking flour across the walls, littering the floor with millions of eggshell pieces and a general sense of mayhem. Ideally in your perfect dream, you’ll be putting your feet up, switching on the TV and relaxing in your […]

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  • Why Children Need our Undivided Attention

    by Verena Verena 2018-04-25

    Have you ever pondered why, when children are around us they demand our undivided attention? One would think that with toys and books galore, not to mention the TV programmes available and present all around them, that they would have enough distractions to occupy their minds and to keep themselves busy. Of course, this is […]

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