Chewy Chatter

  • It’s #SaltAwarenessWeek so here at ChewyMoon we thought we would give you our top tips in becoming more salt aware to help in prevention of the damaging effects of too much salt. Lower salt consumption = low blood pressure = decrease stroke and heart attack Swap one processed snack for the day for a whole […]

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  • Mother’s Day Poem

    by Verena March 9, 2018

    Thanks for being the best, When I can be a right pest, I make you happy, sometimes stressed, But you know I’m better than the rest! The love for a mother you definitely can’t express, She’s there through your failure and success, She is the one person that will be there, unless… You fill her […]

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  • Planning the perfect birthday party

    by Verena March 7, 2018

    Every child everywhere this year will have a birthday. Two words: Birthday. Party. For some parents, it’s an absolute pleasure, a real exciting time!… on the other hand, other parents haven’t a clue and will search the internet for ages or ask friends for help. If you’re the latter, or simply interested in some new […]

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