We are ChewyMoon,
the specialist snack box provisioner.

We help you to easily provide hugely healthy, alternative snacks and guilt-free after school treats for growing kids.

We are incredibly serious about our work and have developed a range of snacks for you to customise according to your kid’s taste and nutritional requirements. We are not, however, serious about our brand, hey, kids gotta have fun – right?

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About us

We created ChewyMoon to make it easy for you to create special snacks that
have a formative impact on the way children perceive snacking in later life.
Nicely balanced snacks energise children, enabling them to participate
in so more of what life has to offer.

We want kids to know their food better, be excited about interesting snacks
and share them with their friends. We want kids to grow up believing that
good, honest and healthy food can be tasty too.

About them

As we developed the idea of ChewyMoon and a snack box that included cool
stuff for kids to do our imaginations started to run wild.

We’ve imagined a bunch of characters who kids will love to know all about.
They are quirky, odd, slightly rude and very energetic. Adults don’t really
get them and some don’t like them… which is exactly what we want!