About the founding of ChewyMoon


Everyone has a mission -- we just discover them in different ways. Over the last few years, our founders’ journeys all led them to a shared but unsurprising destination: a fictional planet called ChewyMoon, where the native alien superheroes -- the Moonas -- would help them take on the children’s snacking industry. Because every child, from the UK to the ends of the earth and beyond, deserves natural fuel to take on their own missions.

Nearly a decade ago, Verena was a nutritionist and trainer for elite athletes when she realized something profoundly simple: elite athletes need serious dietary advice, but so does everybody else.

And frankly, changing behaviors is hard. Especially ones that have been learned from childhood. These behaviours are fueled by public systems beyond any individual’s control. So Verena completed more studies with an MSc in Public Health Nutrition to understand the entire system influencing what we feed our kids - from government to supermarkets to schools and advertising.


Verena, Co-founder and expert in all nutritional noms.


Lijo, Co-founder of ChewyMoon (right).


Nick, Co-founder and general smarty-pants.

Enter Lijo and Nick. Proud parents with picky eaters, both were raising their own families and struggling to replace biscuits and crisps with healthy fruits and veggies. It seemed like there were no good options, and certainly nothing quick and convenient for parents to rely on. There had been no real innovations in snacking for years, and certainly no brands that could rival a Happy Meal or Kinder Egg for pure delight. Then, Nick had a revelation:

“Why can’t we combine toys and games with healthy foods? Nothing is stopping us.”

And nothing has.

ChewyMoon burst into life in a flurry of creative production and research sprinting hand-in-hand. From questionnaires with busy parents to taste-tests and design with hundreds of kids, the founders sprinted through early development, even working through Oxford University’s incubator program. Here, the business began to take shape. Laurence, the Moona designer even had dreamt about kids nutrition drawings when he was 10!

And while the founders were busy pioneering new recipes with expert nutritionists and building the brand, the Moonas and planet ChewyMoon began to take on a life of its own with fun backstories, engaging activities, and a simple message for kids: natural foods power us, they should power you, too.


Laurence looks older now (but not much).


Through close connection to our subscribers and constant feedback to help us improve, ChewyMoon’s flagship subscription service offers tailored snack boxes for kids of all ages, with offerings to satisfy sweet and savoury cravings for kids of all ages.

Every young superhero deserves the right fuel to complete whatever mission they set their minds to; and parents deserve nutritious options they don’t have to think twice about. That’s why we deliver simple, nutritious snack options that satisfy busy parents and sometimes-picky kids. When we succeed in our mission, you -- and your budding young superheroes -- are free to succeed at yours.

Welcome to ChewyMoon.