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About ChewyMoon

On planet ChewyMoon, an incredible race of alien superheroes – the Moonas – power up with healthy foods to fuel their missions. Now, they’re bringing nutritious boxes of tasty snacks to the supermarkets of Earth – and to your door!

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How it works

Affordable subscriptions start at just £6.25 every fortnight, in just 3 simple steps:

Choose a box

Choose between a
Fruit Box, Variety Box,
or a Bestsellers Box

Choose a plan

Choose either a monthly, 3-monthly or 6-monthly subscription, or try a one-off Taster Box for £2.99

Receive your snacks

Your box arrives on your doorstep in only 3 to 5 working days

Try our Taster Box for £2.99


Our Taster box lets you explore our fruit and cheese snacks before signing up for a subscription.


Made by nutritionists, enjoyed by kids

Before the Moonas came along, co-founder and nutritionist Verena was perfecting healthy snack recipes that could transform a child’s life:

“As a nutritionist with a background in children’s health, I ensure we use the highest quality ingredients and fun, exciting recipes. Parents must love what goes into them; but the kids must love how they taste. That’s why our snacks are approved by the toughest taste-testers – kids!”

Children of different ages have evolving nutritional needs. Our boxes have them all covered:

Younger kids

“Young children have smaller stomachs and cannot eat large meals. Regular snacks are essential to keep them full and active.”

Older kids

“Older children grow quickly and burn a lot of energy. Healthy snacks give them the boost they need to meet their nutritional needs.”

Less-adventurous kids

“Picky eaters of all ages risk missing out on important nutrients; healthy snacks can be added insurance that they are getting a balanced diet.”

Receive special offers, delicious recipes, nutritional tips, and exciting games to keep your growing superhero well-fed and having fun!

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